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What is GOLD ERA Application?

The advancement of technology and its connection to financial markets have led governments and major companies to use digital platform for trading stocks and commodities, by less complicated methods and without any routine procedures wasting time and effort. So, the gold trading online application allows the average investor, merchant or investment organisations to buy raw gold or bullions and keep them on the application, then selling it and making profits, keeping it for a time within their investment plan, or receiving the gold when desired.

So, it is digital commerce to buy and sell gold in an unlimited number of transactions; to achieve financial profits or increase your gold reserves.

Why is GOLD ERA the best trading app for gold?

Is the Gold ERA trading online app safe?

Yes of course,
First, because ERA online gold trading in uae is an Egyptian joint stock company, follows regulations and laws of the United Arab Emirates and e-commerce authority. So, gold era preserve all the rights of its investors by notarized contract between both sides; to preserve all rights for the investor and the company.

Second, Following each transaction, the company provides you with a certified invoice for your deposit, complete with a stamp and notarization.

Third, we provide you with a notarized, signed and stamped contract from the company; to preserve your rights as an investor, and to know your duties toward the compan; so preserve the rights of both sides.

Gold Era Application

You will find it easy to use GOLD ERA application when starting to use it, and you can discover the application and its correlation to the global gold market price, after completing account registration steps and depositing money into the account, and there is a graph that shows gold’s real-time movements.

The online gold trading app allows you to buy gold in grams, ounces and kilograms, according to your vision and the quantity you need to invest in.

Gold ERA application helps you to follow up on your operations and points of selling and buying constantly, and making profits or increasing your gold reserve.

Gold receipt when needed, you can request to receive your gold from the application at any time, with just one click on the receipt. So, you can buy gold easily without any bother or disagreement on prices with merchants in the market to receive gold.

Selling gold through the application and making profits: you can buy gold when the prices are low, then resell it, making profits and withdrawing it or rebuying gold to increase your gold balance.

Gold ERA is a special platform for precious metals exchange as gold in Dubai, and it bears the membership fees of the gold exchange instead of you, as well as storage and shipping expenses.

Gold era application makes you a gold merchant in the market, at your place anywhere in the world, and it is allowed for laymen and companies.

The application is free and there aren’t any expenses or subscriptions for it

You can benefit from wage-price premium when you use the application, which is called on the application “purchase commission”.

You can get the bullions in the buying price by 0.12 Dirham and it will be deducted after selling.

Note: when purchasing gold as a physical bullion, the packaging fees, the ownership certificate, and the market price difference are deducted “between 6 and 7 Dirhams per gram”.

How to make an account for gold trading online with Gold Era?

You can make an account for gold trading online uae easily by contacting one of the customer service individuals, and providing the required data and papers needed to open the account.
After that, a contract is written between the client and GOLD ERA company to preserve the rights of both sides, then the client will receive the account number and password that must be changed to be known only to him.
The client will transfer money and deposit the balance he wants to invest in, after completing the account opening procedure.
The client can start gold trading online in uae, open operations, buying, selling and trading gold any time and anywhere after depositing money.

Clients can request profits in the form of cash, buy a new weight to increase their gold balance after making profits, or ask to receive gold in the form of coated bullions.


GOLD ERA weekly gold reports

Gold Era is unique, as it has specialists and analysts with a high level of knowledge in the gold market, and are familiar with gold price movements.
Gold era company gives weekly reports about gold movements, that help investors to know the gold direction and points of buying and selling gold.

The gold trading week starts at midnight on Monday and ends at midnight on Friday. During these days, the markets witness a lot of movements including the gold market, which is primarily affected by the change of the American dollar; as there is an inverse relationship between dollar and gold. Political events in the world affect the gold movement, of course, the global economic news and the technical indicators alongside with the technical analysis help to predict the gold market movement and its direction, whether upward or downward.


You can use pre-orders for sale to save your Investments by selecting “take profit” to manage your buying orders when the gold price increases. Also, you can select “stop lose” when the gold price decreases; to preserve your Investments when the prices are increased or decreased.

Also, you can manage the execution time of your buying orders by selecting “bending orders” that bend your buying orders by the current gold price, so you can execute the buying orders automatically when the gold price is suitable for you, provided there is sufficient balance in your account.

You can purchase from the gold trading online application and store assets in it until you decide to receive them. When you are ready to receive the assets, you can request them and the company will deliver them to you after you pay related wages. Also, you can buy gold from the company branches when you prefer, which provides you with multiple options to diversify your investments.

Viewing reports and analytics: you must benefit from the weekly reports that the ERA online gold trading in uae issues; to know the local and global gold movement. These reports can provide you with a valuable vision about the market directions and possible points of buying and selling.

It is an commerce digital platform that helps in buying or selling gold by unlimited transition; to make financial profits or increase your gold reserve

There are different methods of paying through the application, such as: 

  1. Bank transfer: you can transfer money directly from your bank account to your application account. 
  2. Cash payment: you can pay cash in any branch of the application branches.
  3. Paying through POS.

There is no minimum for trading through the application, you can start trading by any balance you select “starting with 1 gram” to be able to buy through the application.

Gold Era is distinguished with specialists and analysts with a high level of knowledge in the gold market, and familiar with gold price movements.

Gold era company gives weekly reports about gold movements, that help investors to know the gold direction and points of buying and selling gold.

You can get help if you find any problem with the application. There is technical support to help you solve any problems you encounter.

The application is free and there are no any expenses or subscriptions for the application.

You can benefit from a wage-price premium when using the application, which is known as “buying commission” in the application.

Yes, the application provides a demo account, that you can use to try trading before the actual start.

The application works in Egypt and the Emirates.

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